« je me suis rendu compte que la rencontre avec soi-même est la rencontre la plus importante dans la vie. »

- L’amour fou


for girls who eat pizza with red wine, who put on eye shadow with their fingers,

and who wear bralette under oversized jackets, who give speeches on heels, who wear sneakers to parties,

who end up with only one earring for having danced too much,

who ride up their shirt to let the sun kiss their belly,

who travel to Tokyo for a new adventure,

and treasure the pendant of their great grandma has passed to them.

Everyday Luxury

Foufou is careless but chic, feminine but powerful. Wearing jewelry only for occasions? Nah! Foufou says luxury is for everyday. Foufou is always designed with an effortless yet powerful feminine figure in mind. Here, you’ll find pieces all painstakingly perfected to be worthy of your jewelry collection.

Luxury does not equal exclusivity. We spend months finding the best craftsmen — heritage the same savoir-faire of traditional luxury jewelry labels. We reveal the true costs behind all of our products, then bring them directly to you, without the traditional markup.

Ethically Manufactured

We work closely with suppliers, production partners and jewelers committed to respect for human rights, health and safety, as well as exceptional craftsmanship, fairly sourced high-quality materials, and sustainable environmental impact. Our foufou pieces are made of recyclable sterling silver or bronze that is coated in a high grade 18k gold plating.

Inspired by you

No one’s Foufou look is the same - each woman is unique, so we decided to create jewellery that reveals your personality: every piece designed to bring our wishes to life, and mix & match with other pieces. Inspired by you, and made for you. Foufou is you, with style and confidence.


Foufou is not just about the pieces it offers; it is a mindset we want to share with you. One that enables and empowers you to shout out your individuality and creativity.

We believe that style shouldn't be copied from others – it happens when you are center of the process. .

Stand firm in your skin, embrace limitless possibilities, follow the impulses of your heart. Life is more fun with one eye close - we call this #LiveToYourFou